Hosted Exchange services help small businesses build redundancy into their email platform while taking advantage of cloud based Microsoft Exchange services without the upfront costs.


What is Hosted Exchange?

Simply put, Hosted Exchange services allow Small Businesses to utilize Microsoft Exchange and Active Sync technology, without the overhead and costs of maintaining your own e-mail server, in the cloud. Small Business benefit the most from a Hosted Exchange platform. CCS will evaluate your business needs, number of users, and relative applications on your network to determine if going to the cloud is right for you. In many cases, hosting your own physical e-mail server just makes more sense. We will put together a plan that is the most practical and cost-effective solution for your business needs, while maintaining scalability and future growth capability.


Do I need Hosted Exchange?

If you or your business utilizes legacy mail services (ie: email accounts within your web hosting service, typically POP3 and IMAP) then it’s definitely time to upgrade to Hosted Exchange. Hosted Exchange services utilize cloud based administration panels making it easy to create accounts, share public folders, share calendars and contacts, and have the power of a full blown Microsoft Exchange server at your fingertips. And being cloud based, your email is not dependent on the machine you use. You can virtually access it from any computer, anywhere in the world, which is another step of taking your business completely cloud based. DR (Disaster Recovery) is always a concern, especially when you have clients that need to be contacted and responded to in a timely manner. Hosted Exchange is the perfect solution to ensuring your email services are disaster ready!

What are the benefits of Hosted Exchange with CCS?


Global Access

Accessible around the world, Hosted Exchange services can be utilized on your mobile device, Outlook client, or (OWA) Outlook Web Access, from any web based browser.

Synchronization across all devices

The days of duplicate or missing emails are long gone! Active Sync technology keeps your inbox, folders, sent and deleted items, including your contacts and calendar in perfect sync across all your devices. For example, as you add contacts in Outlook, they’ll show up on your smart phone, and as you read and delete email on your tablet or phone, those changes will sync to your Outlook client.

Mobile Devices

Active Sync is supported across all mobile platforms including Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, and Blackberry, as well as tablets such as the iPad, Chrome Book, and Surface.

Working offline

Every Hosted Exchange account comes with a free copy of Outlook 2010/2013 or 2011 for MAC. Outlook allows you to keep a local copy of all your email, contacts, and calendar, make changes when offline, and allow those changes to replicate automatically to the cloud when you’re reconnected to the web.

Increased Productivity

  • Each account comes with 25GB of disk space
  • OWA (Outlook Web Access) Access your email from any computer, anywhere!
  • Share a group calendar with your co-workers and schedule meetings by sending and receiving invites straight into Outlook.
  • Administrative assistance can manage other users’ contacts and calendar within an organization
  • Spam filtering is included with every account

Save Money

For small business who are not ready to spend thousands to install, upgrade, and maintain a physical onsite Microsoft Exchange server, Hosted Exchange is the way forward!