Technology has become vital for business who partake in Healthcare.  IT for Health care providers is essential to keeping up with HIPAA regulations, maintaining patient medical records, and utilizing the best technology tools possible in a diagnosis.


CCS has expertise implementing PMSs (Practice Management Systems) for a broad range of healthcare providers, including dentists and oral surgeons. If you are already using a PMS in your practice, we are fully equipped to support you and your staff by assigning the proper resources to mastering the PMS and associated technologies.

In addition, CCS will employ the proper standards and best practices to your network so you remain HIPAA compliant.  Security on your network, electronic medical records, and securely storing your patient’s medical history for a period of 7 years, offsite, are only a few ways CCS will ensure your practice is up to standards in the industry.

Key Technologies:

  • Network and Workstation support

  • X-ray and Imaging systems

  • Practice Management Systems and EMRs

  • Secure and Encrypted online backup

  • IP Phone Systems