The Legal sector has become so dependent on their IT infrastructure, basic every day tasks would be nearly impossible without the right tools of the trade available at all times.


A legal firm’s business depends on it. We understand the needs of the Legal Industry and the importance of billable hours. Therefore, it is crucial your systems stay healthy, online, and available to you at all times. CCS’s managed services provides the monitoring and insight needed into your network. Securing files and folders on your server, and ensuring your clients personal data keeps your firm in compliance and protects from threats from outside and within your network.

CCS has experience deploying and upgrading different types of document and time management applications. As we move to a more digital era, the days of carrying hard copies and documents are becoming a thing of the past. CCS will ensure the right technology is in place to keep you ahead of your competition, while increasing productivity in the office and impressing your clients, all at the same time.


Key Technologies:

  • Shared online calendars

  • Network printing and scanning

  • Lexis Nexis

  • PCLaw

  • Time Matters

  • Sage Time Slips

  • Hot Docs

  • Secure and Encrypted online backup


We have expertise in:

Time Matters
Hot Docs