CCS employs Microsoft Certified engineers utilizing the latest in desktop imaging tools, technology, and practices.


Deploying workstations, applications, settings, and custom configurations manually, is a time consuming and costly venture. Here is how CCS can streamline your desktop deployment process:

Desktop Images

  • By creating a master image of one workstation or desktop, we can essentially “mirror” that image on top of all your workstations. This saves hours of deployment costs and guarantees that each of your workstations will be setup with the same operating system, applications, settings, and user customizations.
  • For larger organizations, utilizing Microsoft SCCM (System Center…..) images can be deployed over the network streamlining the process even further. A review of your organization will allow us to best determine the fastest and most efficient method of image deployment for your organization.


Group Policy

  • Utilizing Microsoft Windows Server Group Policy Management, settings and corporate policies and be “pushed” out to all computers that are part of your network’s domain. This avoids the hassle of interrupting workflow, losing valuable time going from machine to machine, and human error.
    • Scenario 1 –
      Issue: A new application requires specific firewall rules to be in effect
      Resolution: A group policy with the new rules will be setup on your Windows Server, and propagated down to all machines.
    • Scenario 2 –
      Issue: Due to new security policies within your organization, installation of software is to be prohibited by all users who are not admins.
      Resolution: A group policy preventing access to certain parts of the operating system and the ability to launch non-approved executable files will prevent the installation of any software on the workstations.


Desktop Cloud Services

For smaller organizations who do not have the needs of an onsite Windows Server or customized desktop deployment process, utilizing cloud based services will ensure that your users are utilizing the same directories for stored files, applications, and hosted email services.