As businesses grow, usage of wireless increases. With the growth, comes a higher demand for coverage, speed, and network availability.

CCS has planned wireless roll-outs for small and large offices in all shapes and sizes. We start by conducting a site survey or your office, or building, and analyzing hotspots where access points can be placed. The proper placement of these access points will ensure you have coverage throughout your entire office eliminating dead zones. In addition, CCS ties your wireless infrastructure into your existing network utilizing the highest encryption levels and security across all devices.

Case Study:

The Lee Memorial Library of Allendale, NJ approached CCS with the hopes of expanding wireless coverage throughout all wings and hallways of the library across two floors. CCS engineers ran cabling through the walls from a centralized switch and strategically placed 5 managed POE (Power Over Ethernet – PoE) Access Points throughout the building ensuring 90-100% signal strength through any part of the building. In addition, private and guest networks were created to ensure security for library staff conducting internal business while providing a robust network for library patrons.

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