For Small Businesses that need access to files on the go, CCS has solutions to host your files in the cloud.


These files can be accessed from within and outside of the office network, and available to you 24/7, globally. This type of service can be especially useful for businesses with “Road Warriors”, external sales personnel, and remote users working from home or another region or the globe.

Additional benefits include:

  • Preventing unauthorized access to your company files
  • Providing access to users via custom security policies
  • Locking down specific folders to specific users
  • Able to access from any PC or MAC through any Web Browser
  • Accessible via mobile devices and tablets

Moving your files to the cloud is just another step of your disaster recovery plan. Does your company have a disaster recovery plan? How will your business continue in the event of a disaster scenario, data loss, or long term outage? Let CCS put together a DR (Disaster Recovery) plan for you and be ready if and when a disaster strikes.

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