In the fast moving and complex world of Finance, technology becomes an integral part of your core business.  Ensuring your data is safe and secure, your email is delivered on time, and network is fully operational, are all serious concerns, but are not items you can afford to spend time losing sleep over.


This is where CCS comes in.  We understand the technology needs of the financial industry, including private equity firms and Hedge Funds, and offer solutions that cater to those specific needs.  Our managed services will ensure your IT infrastructure is kept in compliance with the latest SEC and FED regulations avoiding costly and embarrassing audits, and staying one step ahead of the curve so you can concentrate on your growing your core business.

CCS has clients in the Hedge Fund sector, Insurance, Wealth Management, Accounting, and Personal Finance.


Key Technologies:

  • Network and Workstation support
  • Bloomberg Installations
  • Hosted Email Solutions
  • Firewalls and Internet Security
  • Mobility Solutions
  • Secure and Encrypted online backup


Case Studies

  • A private Hedge Fund in NYC, utilizing cable internet service as their primary ISP, had experienced multiple outages over the past year. Since the site had a dedicated T1 line supplying data to the firm’s phone system, CCS worked with the phone provider to tap into their data network for added redundancy. The onsite firewall now manages data traffic over two networks with different architecture ensuring a higher percentage of network availability and lesser productivity loss.
Network Topology
  • A startup Hedge Fund in NYC approached CCS with a need to share files across the cloud while guaranteeing fast local access and folder security within their office. Since the fund already used a cloud based application, CCS installed a domain controller on site, joined all systems to the domain, and replicated the file share to the server. Then, creating folder permissions accordingly, all users now have instant access to their local files on the onsite server, with instant replication to the cloud for when they work remote.