A proper Network Design is the backbone of your IT infrastructure. Building a powerful load balanced network is performed by certified technicians and planned for redundancy in the event disaster strikes


CCS utilizes Cisco and SonicWALL firewalls (among other leading brands) offering the highest level of security and stability for your network. With today’s web threats, the average business encounters network intrusions attempts in the thousands on a daily scale. Your firewall is the first level of defense against a network intrusion attempt, DOS attacks, network floods, malware, viruses, worms, phishing scams, keyloggers, etc…


CCS will evaluate your network and recommend proper firewall protection to ensure you are protected from outside threats.

VPN/Remote Access
  • Site to Site VPN
  • If your business has multiple offices, why not share the resources (servers and file storage) in one office with your other locations or branches? Using site to site VPN technology, we can make this possible.
Sample Network Layout for CCS Website

In this example, both site A and site B contain onsite servers which need to be utilized by all users of the network. Utilizing the right firewall and VPN (Virtual Private Network), both sites work together as one. The concept saves money, overhead, and IT support fees all at the same time.