Vulnerability Scanning is critical in assessing for and identifying weaknesses in your network, workstations, servers, and applications.

Dozens of new Cybersecurity threats are introduced daily on a global basis. We scan your network, look for those holes and weaknesses, and remediate them as soon as possible to prevent not only a breach of sensitive information but a loss of productivity and network downtime. An attacker relies on these vulnerabilities to exploit your network, so our goal is to be one step ahead at all times.

Cybersecurity scanning satisfies various regulatory and compliance requirements, including those affected by FISMA, USGCB, SCADA, HIPAA, PHI, HITECH, PCI DSS, FISMA, SEC, USGCB, NIST, and institutions within Education.

CCS has partnered with leading Cybersecurity firms Drawbridge and Trustwave to not only provide Vulnerability Scanning options but additional services such as:

Vendor Due Diligence

Risk Assessment Services

Penetration Testing

Phishing Exercises and Training

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