CCS Insight is a full featured managed services IT solution. It allows CCS engineers the capabilities to fully monitor your network, servers, and workstations, identifying risks, faults, and issues before they become critical.

With 24/7 network monitoring, improved system performance, increased productivity, all by reducing IT costs, the solution can be catered for businesses of any size with or without an internal IT department.

CCS Insight features include


  • Self-Healing – Script based remediation based on detected failures.
  • Software Distribution – Automate many service-related activities in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • Script Execution – Customized and automated cleanup routines and service restarts on servers and workstations.
  • Patch Management – Automated patching keeping your systems updated with the most critical updates at all times.



  • Dashboards – Allowing clients a peek into their own network environments
  • License Management – Software license management will keep your systems on track for renewals as they are needed.
  • Asset management – Keep track of your hardware, age, and specs at all times
  • Warranty Management – CCS Insight will inform you of warranty expirations before it becomes a problem
  • Remote Control – Allows CCS engineers to remotely control and assist with issues on demand or as needed
  • Group Policy and Password Management – CCS Insight has the capability to push over 150 customized group policies and scripts to your systems keeping them in compliance at all times.



  • Workstation and Server Monitoring – A CCS engineer will respond to availability and security issues before they become critical.
  • Network Monitoring – CCS Insight can monitor a range of network services on any networking device
  • VM Ware Monitoring – CCS Insight will monitor key components of ESX and ESXi servers
  • Security Monitoring – Keep your IT infrastructure secure while improving compliance and transparency
  • Alerts and Notifications – Our rules based notification system will alert CCS employees in the event of an issue via email, dashboard, SMS, and pager.



  • Customized Scheduling and Delivery – Receive customized monthly reports on the health of your network
  • High Performance Reporting Engine – Allows for robust and aggregate IT performance reporting.
  • Data Retention – 1 Year of reporting satisfying most regulatory requirements
  • Time-Based SLA Reporting – Report on IT infrastructure performance for any given time period covered under an SLA.


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