CCS is prepared to provide IT Security protection from Internet threats such as intrusion attempts, security vulnerabilities, and network breaches.

CCS Protect – Website Filtering

Our Cloud Managed Security product ensures your companies policies are enforced, productivity remains high, and enhances security.

  • Stop malware and phishing attacks before they break through the perimeter of your network
  • Prevent the unauthorized downloads of third party software onto business workstations
  • Increase overall productivity by preventing employees from wasting valuable time surfing the web for personal gain and/or using social media

CCS Protect creates a new layer of cloud-delivered protection in the network security stack, both on and off the corporate network. Our internet security cloud solution prevents command & control callbacks, malware, and phishing attacks over any port or protocol. We enhance your threat intelligence by seeing where attacks are being staged on the Internet. And by delivering security at the DNS layer, using the Internet’s existing infrastructure, we keep malware from compromising your systems by stopping botnets or phishing from exfiltrating your data.


CCS Website Filtering

Email Filtering

Did you know that nearly 97% of all email today is SPAM? It has been proven that SPAM carries many risks including links to infected websites, the loss of productivity in the office, and an increased cost to you for the additional time and resources it takes, on both your employees and servers, to filter through all the incoming junk mail.

  • Our cloud based Email Filtering solution scans and cleans all incoming e-mail offsite, before it is delivered to your office or server. This ensures that what enters your inbox, belongs in your inbox.
  • In the event of a network outage within your office or organization, your email is held on our servers and delivered as soon as connectivity to the office network is restored. Additionally, this ensures your clients will not receive embarrassing bounce back messages which can be detrimental to a business relationship.
  • Finally, webmail access to your email will always be available through our disaster recovery portal so that business can continue as your network outage is resolved.
CCSProtect Email


  • CCS offers a cloud based Antivirus/Anti-malware solution which can be pushed through our monitoring agents. With cloud based AV, your PC or Workstation will receive updates every couple hours as opposed to daily, which can mean the difference of catching a zero day infection or having the protection in place when it hits.
  • A CCS engineer receives alerts on all virus activity and can be pro-active in resolving the issue before it becomes a crisis, avoiding unnecessary downtime on your end.
CCS Anti Virus Protection