Since 2004, Coban Computer Solutions (CCS) has been delivering exceptional IT service to the tri-state area. Headquartered in Northern New Jersey, CCS has consultants and engineers servicing clients in over 50 cities across 7 states. We serve clients in all industries, including the financial industry, medical, legal, construction, insurance, public relations, retail, and more.

Bringing honesty, integrity, and reliability to the table has been our goal from day one. In the summer of 2004, CCS first began servicing the residential sector. CCS has since expanded its operations to bring the same level of service to the business sector by utilizing its IT expertise, innovation, and management techniques which are focused around the customer first. The formula is easy: Our organization is comprised of highly skilled, certified, and seasoned technicians. This allows us to provide our clients with the highest level of service possible, which in turn helps us maintain a very high retention rate.

We believe that CCS’s IT solution strategy for your business will help your company grow and excel by utilizing technology to increase productivity and increase your ROI (Return on investment). Whether you are just starting out or already have an IT provider, we will meet your budgetary needs and cater a solution specific to you and your company so you can concentrate on what matters most, and that’s growing your business. Reach out to our business development team and experience what CCS can do for you.