IP&E Rigging

Industrial Process & Equipment, Inc. is a turnkey machinery installation company equipped to handle every aspect of an industrial installation. IPE reached out to CCS to investigate a possible network breach and offer solutions to secure its network and users from the hacking community.
IPE Rigging Hero

Technologies Used:

– Microsoft Office
– Ninja RMM
– Sentinel One
– Cisco Umbrella
– Ubiquiti Unifi
– Cisco Meraki

Solutions Provided:

– Network Infrastructure Planning & Architecture
– Cybersecurity Solutions
– Disaster Recovery and Backup
– Helpdesk Services
– Vendor Management

Solution Details

CCS started out with an assessment of the network and began by deploying our RMM agents and Sentinel One endpoint detection and response software.

On the network front, we implemented a Cisco Meraki firewall and Unifi wireless access points allowing us to harden and bolster the network infrastructure.

Monthly vulnerability scanning was put in place to pick up network anomalies, rogue web servers, deprecated ciphers, or holes on the network which can be locked down and patched.

Application and OS patch management was put in place to ensure the workstations are fully patched at all times.

Finally, a Disaster Recovery plan with CCS Online Vault services was put in place to ensure the server infrastructure can be fully recovered in the event of an attack.

Results & Impact

Within minutes of deploying Sentinel One, any malicious items found on the network were isolated and neutralized. Since then, not a single piece of malware has infiltrated the IPE network.

IPE has been very focused on security and has allowed CCS to keep pushing forward with our layered security approach ensuring a scalable and secure environment for all IPE users.

With CCS’ policies in place, the IPE network remains stable, secure, resilient, and scalable for years to come.

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