Star Mountain Capital

Star Mountain Capital is a Specialized investment firm providing: (i) Strategic Debt & Equity capital to private businesses that have at least $15 million of revenue and under $50 million of EBITDA and (ii) Liquidity Solutions to investors and fund managers (“Secondaries”) including purchasing LP interests in lower middle-market private credit and private equity funds in addition to providing fund managers with NAV loans
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Technologies Used:

– Microsoft Office
– Ninja RMM
– Sentinel One
– Cisco Umbrella
– Ubiquiti Unifi
– Cisco Meraki

Solutions Provided:

– Network Infrastructure Planning & Architecture
– Cybersecurity Solutions
– Disaster Recovery and Backup
– Helpdesk Services

Solution Details

CCS has worked with and grown with Star Mountain Capital as they expanded from a midtown office space to multiple locations across the U.S.

Over the past few years, Star Mountain Capital has expanded its footprint to multiple sites while expanding it’s remote workforce.

In an ever changing landscape, and with the complexities of security revolving around the finance industry, CCS has had to keep ahead of the curve to ensure Star Mountain Capitals success in the technology space.

With the addition of Duo 2FA, Vulnerability Scanning, and Microsoft 365 cloud backup, each additional layer of security has proven to harden the Star Mountain Capital infrastructure and keep it both scalable and secure at the same time.

Results & Impact

Utilizing enterprise grade technology, CCS was able to manage both the network and user community as they rapidly grew by providing solutions covering all areas of CyberSecurity, Disaster Recovery, Maintenance, and Support.

CCS bolstered the infrastructure with Cisco Meraki firewalls and switches, site to site VPN tunnels, and layered security, ensuring that the firm remains compliant, secure, yet scalable as they continue their growth.

With every new expansion whether it’s in Greenwich, CT, Tampa, FL, or users working remotely from numerous locations, CCS has worked to bridge the gap between onsite and remote work to ensure users have the ability to collaborate and access company information at will. Star Mountain Capital has always put an emphasis on CyberSecurity and has utilized third party security firms and penetration testing which has helped CCS further lockdown and secure its environment.

Disaster Recovery mechanisms are in place backing up all workstations to the cloud along with the virtual server infrastructure and tested on a yearly basis to ensure we have a proper recovery plan in place and operations can continue in the event of a disaster.

And recently, working with another third party organization, integration into Azure AD has allowed us to couple our RMM agents with Microsoft Intune ensuring that all systems are properly managed, monitored, maintained, accounted for, and supported at all times.

As Star Mountain Capital continues to grow, CCS’ technology stack helps to ensure Star Mountain Capital remains scalable and secure from a technology perspective which we hope will provide an ROI in the long term.

"Jim and The Team at CCS are Awesome to Work With!"

They are always very responsive when issues arise and are always able to help. Everyone is extremely friendly and personable, not to mention knowledgeable. They are always there to help, no matter how large or small the issue is.
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