OrthoEast is a powerhouse team of award-winning physicians and orthopedic specialists with one main goal: to provide their patients in New Jersey and New York with access to the most advanced treatments in all areas of orthopedic care from pain management and sports medicine to the treatment of complex spinal disorders.
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Technologies Used:

– Microsoft Office
– Ninja RMM
– Sentinel One
– Cisco Umbrella
– Ubiquiti Unifi
– Cisco Meraki

Solutions Provided:

– Network Infrastructure Planning & Architecture
– Cybersecurity Solutions
– Disaster Recovery and Backup
– HIPAA Compliance Best Practices
– Clinical EMR Support
– Helpdesk Services

Solution Details

OrthoEast is comprised of three main practices who joined forces to become the powerhouse they are today. These practices are University Spine Center, Academy Orthopedics, and High Mountain Orthopedics.

The challenges faced here revolve around integrating these practices with technology so they can function as one while moving towards HIPAA compliance and utilizing security best practices within the organization.

Results & Impact

CCS began this challenge by rolling out our remote maintenance and monitoring agents to all workstations across the practices. With that, a full time technician, both skilled in IT and Clinical EMRs was placed onsite to facilitate user support and EMR consolidation into eCW (eClinicalWorks).

Through the RMM agents, CCS is able to remotely support users across the different locations quickly and efficiently. CCS automated monthly maintenance plans on all systems, deployed EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) tools to all workstations to protect against Malware and Ransomware attacks, and implemented Disaster Recovery plans backing up each workstation and Server to our cloud.

From an infrastructure point of view, CCS has been deploying Cisco Meraki firewalls and cloud managed Unifi switches and access points to every location. This will allow us to further unify the sites with the newly deployed servers and further integration with Azure AD and Microsoft 365.

As we continue to roll out updated technology and best practices throughout the many networks comprising the OrthoEast family, CCS is ensuring OrthoEast is poised for growth and expansion by ensuring it is scalable and secure from a technology perspective which we hope will provide an ROI in the long term.

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