Mark Van Lenten CPA

Mark Van Lenten CPA is a Certified Public Accountant with offices located in Midland Park, NJ. As an accountant, multiple applications and tax related software is required to fulfill obligations to clients. Additionally, the ability to work both in an office setting and remotely is key to providing fast service at all times.

MVLCPA was looking for a solution that not only allowed them to utilize multiple versions of the same tax software but to be able to access it from remote locations at all times.
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Technologies Used:

– Microsoft Office
– Ninja RMM
– Sentinel One
– Cisco Umbrella
– Ubiquiti Unifi
– Cisco Meraki

Solutions Provided:

– Network Infrastructure Planning & Architecture
– Cybersecurity Solutions
– Disaster Recovery and Backup
– Server Installation, Monitoring and Support
– Patch Management
– Endpoint Protection
– Web Filtering

Solution Details

CCS introduced Terminal Services within a Microsoft Windows Server environment as a solution to the needs of MVLCPA.

A new Hypervisor with three virtual machines were deployed. The virtual machines had split roles allowing for a domain, application and file server, and terminal services server to run simultaneously on a single piece of hardware.

With remote desktop, the users now remote into a session that lives on the server allowing them to work from multiple locations and and access one single active session.

On the application front, CCS engaged the vendors of each software application to understand the best process to run multiple versions of the same tax software on one system and deployed the applications into the environment.

Finally, connections coming into the network were secured with firewall rules built into a Cisco Meraki Firewall protecting the infrastructure.

Results & Impact

This new setup was extremely useful during the pandemic. As the staff needed to work remotely, they were able to simply securely remote into their remote desktop sessions and perform all their tasks directly on the server.

This new setup also allowed the users to work in a session while in the office, disconnect, and pick up where they left off remotely by dialing back into an active session.

The new setup increased productivity but also recovery times from a disaster recovery point of view. Finally, from a cost perspective, we were able to save the firm money by utilizing Terminal Server licensing as opposed to a third party platform in the cloud.

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