With an email archiving solution, every incoming and outgoing email is replicated to the cloud, before it comes down to your machine. And with the growing number of regulations companies need to abide by, this is the perfect solution to ensure compliancy.


As email usage continues to grow, storing and searching through older email is becoming a problem for many small businesses. Maintaining the files from an administrative and technical standpoint is also causing headaches that can be avoided. This is where email archiving comes in.

Why go with an Email Archiving solution?

  • Law firms, healthcare providers, and financial entities have a legal obligation to keep email records for a set number of years, typically 7 years. Email archiving is always up and available.
  • Tamper proof – Emails stored in the cloud archive cannot be deleted or altered. This ensures your safety, legal liabilities, and compliancy where needed.
  • Encryption – All email is encrypted with AES-256bit cipher so only you can view the emails that are important to your organization
  • Unlimited Storage – You will never be asked to purchase more storage or time. Every plan includes unlimited storage and a full 7 years of retention.
  • Ease of use – Searching for emails is simple and quick since all email is archived on the back end database.


PST and Employee Protection

In addition to the benefits above, in the event you have an email account that is corrupted, deleted, or tampered with by an employee, you will always have the option to refer to the archive and obtain original incoming and outgoing emails to your organization.

Increased Productivity

Finally, a smaller mailbox size means faster performance, which in turn will result in more productivity and less hours spent by the IT staff managing large mailboxes and obsolete archives.