What is IT Support? The Complete Guide for Your Business

In a world where technology advances rapidly, only 25% of employees feel fully prepared to use data effectively. In most cases, employees are not comfortable using data or are not fully ready to use it.

For most workplaces today, technology has been widely adopted. This forces employers to consider applicants with good IT skills. However, this only applies to new employees.

Older employees with little to no skills in IT have to undergo relevant training to catch up to modern demand.

The training is conducted by IT support companies. But what is IT support, and what other services will it bring to your company.

This post covers every aspect of IT support for businesses looking to outsource their IT needs.

What is IT Support?

IT Support Services Explained

In order to explain what IT support is, you first need to understand what IT means.

Information technology (IT) is the use of computers, networking, storage, and other physical devices and infrastructure to retrieve, store, transmit and manipulate data.

So, from the definition of IT, we can now explain what IT support is all about. Technical IT support revolves around helping a business keep its technological equipment running smoothly.

Some companies prefer hiring their own employees for IT management.

Others prefer outsourcing IT firms or managed service providers for their IT support needs. Outsourcing IT support can prove to be highly beneficial due to the many advantages they have.

Especially for small businesses, outsourced IT help is very beneficial since most don’t have the capital to employ individual IT specialists.

Here are some services a company enjoys when outsourcing IT support.

IT Monitoring & Management (CCS Insight)

IT involves a plethora of devices and platforms that have to be continuously monitored. If there is a technology downtime, it is estimated to cost an average of $5,600 per minute.

But considering the differences in the various industries, downtime costs could reach up to $540,000 per hour.

IT firms usually utilize a full-featured managed services IT solution to monitor and manage IT services in a business.

For example, CCS Insight software allows technicians to scan your network, workstations, and servers thoroughly.

It also identifies faults, risks, and issues before they become unmanageable. The software can serve large and small business IT help and operates 24 hours a week. CCS insight acts as a watch, ensuring everything is running smoothly. The software is divided into four key modules:

IT Automation

The software has script-based remediation depending on the type of failure detected. It will automate service-related activities quickly and cost-effectively.

IT management can customize and automate routine cleanups and servicing restarts on workstations and servers.

IT Management

The user has a dashboard for looking at their entire network environment. The user can keep track of hardware age, specs, and license renewals for software.

CCS insight allows the user to push over 150 customized group policies and scripts to the system.

IT Monitoring

The server and workstation monitoring allows a technician to respond to issues before they balloon over. The rule-based notification system alerts technicians in the event of a problem through the dashboard, email, or SMS.

IT Reporting

The user receives customized monthly reports on the health of your IT accessories generated by a high-performance reporting engine. The software also implements the time-based SLA reporting algorithm.

Online Backup & Disaster Recovery (CCS Online Vault)

A business without a disaster recovery plan is doomed to failure. Advancements in technology are moving companies from manual backups to online cloud storage.

Outsourcing IT services to an IT firm gives them the authority to decide the best online backup platform and the best disaster recovery plan for your business.

CCS Online Vault has varying features specific to disaster recovery and online backup. The solution recommends a plan in line with your business objectives, from file-level offsite storage to mission-critical warehouse-ready servers.

Here are some benefits of using CCS Online Vault.

• 24/7 monitoring and alerts to a trained technician.
• Can back up a full image of the server
• Can back up open files that are still in use
• 256-bit AES Encryption
• Secure and redundant data center
• Secure offsite data storage

Web Filtering and Cybersecurity Protection (CCS Protect)

By 2021, cybercrimes will cost the world $6 trillion.

According to a study carried out in 2020 by Cyber Security Ventures, global cybercrime costs are expected to grow by 15% annually over the next five years, reaching $10.5 trillion annually by 2025.

Most internet threats involving businesses include security vulnerabilities, intrusion attempts, and network breaches. CCS Protect software is prepared to provide security protection through:

Website filtering: The software creates an extra layer of cloud-delivered protection for your workplace network security stack. The solution is effective against ransomware, malware, command & control call-backs, botnet attacks, phishing attacks, and both targeted protocol and port attacks.

CCS Protect also increases productivity by blocking social media sites or any other non-business sites.

Email filteringOver 75% of all cyberattacks start with an email. CCS Protect, as a cloud-based web filtering solution, will protect your end-users as they click or launch links through received emails which can perpetuate a direct or indirect attack on your network.

It also has a disaster recovery portal that lets users gain access to their emails through webmail.

24/7 IT Support (On-Demand Helpdesk)

Most small business IT help revolves around essential IT support. For companies that already have IT infrastructure but don’t have an IT department.

They can opt for an On-demand helpdesk that is 24/7 IT support.

Unlike its competitors, who prefer to set up SLA’s and agreements for response times, CCS on-demand helpdesk solution treats every issue with the highest priority.

IT Support Solutions That Fit Your Business and Budget

Regardless of how big or small the task is. At Coban Computer Solutions, we are dedicated to delivering solutions that are in line with your expectations and within your budget.

Our services range from security and productivity solutions to application development and network design.

Our technicians are trained and highly experienced in their respective fields. We guarantee timely delivery for high-impact solutions tailored for your business.

Coban Computer Solutions has become a major managed IT services provider for companies in the Northern NJ area.

Contact any of our technicians if you have any additional questions on how CCS can provide IT support for your business.

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